Nya Lee disses Nigerian Men . NIG 🇳🇬 vs USA 🇺🇸

Nya Lee disses Nigerian Men .

Nya lee

Nya Lee from Love and Hip Hop Season 5 ,disses Nigerian Men. She want on ranting and calling them DIRTY ASS Nigerians.
She claimed that her boyfriend is NOT African and not from Senegal.she said her man is a regular American from New Jersey .

It was reported that she also can’t stand (beefing) Erica Mena(Bow wow ex girlfriend).

her quote: “Let me tell you dumb a** Nigerian n******s something,” she said. “Don’t have my f****n’ name in y’all mouth and y’all community talking about a b***h is going broke or that my n***a’s from Senegal and he’s from f****n’ New Jersey. He’s just a regular Black n****a.”.

The former cast of the reality show also tagged on social media a message , she wrote :

“I have very few Nigerian friends because the men especially think they can BUY every American girl and that’s exactly why I stay away from y’all. Plus y’all the biggest fucking scammers so don’t worry about wtf is going on over here! | IF THIS DOESN’T APPLY LET IT FLY”

social media has been going crazy . Nigerians clapping back at her.

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