Kanye West released from the hospital but not with his family

Kanye West discharged from hospital

Kanye released from the hospital finally,but not back home.

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Reportedly putted under constant watch in hospital as he has become “very paranoid”. He was admitted to the University of California, Los Angeles Medical Center (UCLA) for extreme exhaustion on 21 November 2016. This was after his epic rant on stage,where he even slammed Jay Z and Beyonce. According to sources, he was very paranoid and was under constant watch for his safety.

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The rapper’s  and his wife Kim Kardashian spent Thanksgiving holiday at the hospital. Because Kim is reportedly the only person in Kanye’s life he trusts at the moment.

Kanye West  spent more than a week at UCLA Medical Center and was released on Wednesday, November 30th.

Kanye has finally left the hospital but living apart from his wife Kim Kardashian and their two kids . According to Us Weekly,the 39 years old  rapper is staying at a rental house while receiving outpatient treatment.

West celebrated his son Saint’s first birthday, as well as his homecoming, with the Kardashian on a  low-key.