Kylie lawsuits from a makeup artist

Kylie Jenner who has a cosmetic line, decided to promote her new holiday collection.



Hence, Kylie’s pose looks similar to that of a California makeup Artist.

kylie jenner and vlada



According to TMZ,a woman named Vlada Haggerty Vlada and her  professional photographer claim Kylie has jacked their style and concept. Therefore threatening a lawsuit.  In addition she said  her Instagram  photos are of women striking various poses which accentuate their lips.

Vlada’s Instagram of nearly half a million followers is filled with images of pale women with dark lips. Therefore, often resembling those of Kylie Jenner’s photos.

Furthermore, Vlada shared a side-by-side comparison of the photos to highligh the similarities.

Vlad captioned it : ‘Really @kyliecosmetics? Haven’t you gotten enough “inspiration” from me already?’.

Also posted a similar metallic gloss -lip picture. Captioned: And the insanity continues..@graftobianmakeup what can do about it?. This is your loose metallic powder in Copper mixed with the clear gloss !. #graftianmakeup #vladamua

In conclusion,

kylie jenner