Syria’s war-ravaged eastern Aleppo

Violence in Syria’s war-ravaged eastern Aleppo

Syria war, More than 500 people killed between Saturday and Monday(28/11/2016). An additional 25 killed and dozens injured overnight as the regime dropped parachute bombs in the Bab al-Nayreb neighborhood. According to volunteer rescue group( White Helmets).Hospitals  bombed beyond use and none functioning.

 According to CNN ,up to 16,000 people fled the violence in Syria’s war-ravaged eastern Aleppo.

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“There are no modes of transportation and no vehicles in the streets.  So civilians are fleeing and walking close to 8 or 9 kilometers on foot. Carrying what they can and their children, and fleeing towards the western parts of Aleppo,” said an activist

 Therefore,Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered mobile field hospitals be sent to Aleppo.  Providing  immediate medical assistance to residents according to  Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Sputnik news network on Tuesday(29/11/2016). Also, Russia will send a multipurpose hospital to serve 100 patients.  These includes a children’s ward, mobile field hospital for 50 patients. Also ambulatory treatment for some 200 people per day, Peskov said.

“I am extremely concerned about the fate of civilians as a result of the deeply alarming and chilling situation unfolding in Aleppo city,” . UN humanitarian chief Stephen O’Brien said in a statement.
 Syrian government forces have captured more than a third of rebel-held territory in eastern Aleppo in latest news.