Toke makinwa’s Book ‘on becoming’ Review

  • Toke Makinwa Book trending Review

Toke Makinwa’s Book  ‘On Becoming’  as been trending in Nigeria. Every one wants a copy and different people sharing a review of the book .The Nigerian Tv Host and a youtube Vlogger released a book titled: On becoming ,published by Kachifo

You might probably wish to know about this book. Wouldn’t you ?😉. Okay

Toke At the “On Becoming” book launch which took place on the 27th of November 2016

Toke makinwa's book

The book tells about her life journey as a lonely child being an orphan. All her Challenges and how she came out stronger and victorious. Also reveals everything about the truth behind Toke Makinwa’s 14-year relationship  with  Maje Ayida. The marriage ended in an outrageous scandal . Her Ex-husband Maje Ayida impregnated his ex-girlfriend Anita Solomon and Anita gave birth to Maje’s child in the  UK . According to the News Anita has been in a relationship with Maje for the past 8years. They only broke up briefly so Maje can get married to Toke. The book revealed more about the story . Hmm. Smh

In addition, Posted a picture with the Quote: ” It’s one thing to preach, it’s another for your life to be a sermon. For people to see and say indeed this can only be God. It doesn’t mean bad things won’t happen, it means even in the worst, you thrive! . I am a city set on a hill, my light will not be hidden.   #funnycaption #reflective #OnBecoming #TMtheAuthor #GodsProject #BestsellingAuthor Thank you all for reading… the book tour is going to be 🔥”

Therefore Women should be more stronger than ever, not allowing the society to dictate how their happiness . If you are in a abusive relationship why not leave . Don’t die in silence. Isn’t it better to be single than to die because of  the title ‘mrs’ ‘girlfriend ‘? I also understand the power of LOVE in some cases but hmm just be save.

In conclusion, the book is now available  across some book stores in Nigeria,United Kingdom and United States,South Africa, etc . They are also available on online at Amazon, OkadaBooks ,Kindle and others.